Product Development

PurePower Technologies utilizes a vertically integrated development process based on our OE heritage, resulting in an industry-leading APQP process. We are able to completely re-engineer a product without support or assistance from the original manufacturer, utilizing our OE insider experience and processes.

With more than 350 world-class engineers and technical specialists, PurePower’s team has a long OEM history in the development and launching of fuel injectors, turbos and all precision fuel, air-management and after-treatment systems. Our product development group has a long, proven track record of successfully launching new products on time, to only the highest quality levels.

Building on more than 17 years of product development experience, PurePower can support a full development product cycle, ranging from design and prototyping to 100 percent end-of-line testing and validation.


PurePower features an all-encompassing, on-site machining facility with full prototyping capabilities. Featuring a truly dedicated engineering team with a deep understanding of prototyping remanufactured product concepts for customer and internal design evaluation, the company also utilizes an in-house prototype build area utilizing our years of OE experience, knowledge and discipline to build the highest quality prototypes.

Our vertically integrated prototyping capability allows us to rapidly prototype new products, leading the way for PurePower to launch new products, quickly meeting aftermarket demand.

Sub-Micron Machining

Our deep engineering and manufacturing expertise, coupled with high-precision equipment, ensures levels of precision and consistent quality that are unmatched in the aftermarket. By leveraging our single-digit PPM remanufacturing processes, we can deliver only the highest quality products to the aftermarket.

Over the past 17 years, PurePower has invested over $400 million in capital projects, enabling the company to manufacture industry-leading quality remanufactured precision fuel, air-management and after-treatment systems for light, medium and heavy-duty engines. Our manufacturing facility also has a full environmentally controlled atmosphere to meet our highest sub-micron-level quality assurance standards and processes.

The company has multiple 100,000 class A cleanliness areas for assembly, and together with our sub-micron-level machining center's capability, we utilize an integrated and in-house Quality Information System, a statistical process control ensuring product reliability after product launch.


PurePower offers a fully equipped on-site test lab for performance and durability testing, and offers dedicated durability test stands and chambers. Additionally, the lab features hot gas stands that simulate precise engine-out exhaust simulation for turbo and EGR valve testing and validation.

The lab also utilizes two engine dynamometers with emission measuring capabilities for engines from 5L to 15L diesel capability.

Featured Case Study

Tech Startup

A fuel system startup needed help making and testing prototypes. PurePower has been designing and testing fuel system components for over 15 years in a high-volume setting, and we helped this client create a viable prototype that it could bring to OEMs for further testing.