Our vertically-integrated process allows us to bring quality products to market faster and more efficiently.


  • In-house design department
  • Long-time industry experience
  • Design processes with manufacturing in mind (DFM)


  • Dedicated project management office
  • Development processes based on industry-leading OEMs


  • In-house prototype department for all high-precision processes
  • Experienced in complex assemblies like fuel injectors and valves


  • Launched multiple complex products on-site
  • Strong interaction with development process


  • Fully equipped test lab for performance and durability testing
  • Engine test facility to test products on complete engine
  • Hot Gas stand to simulate engine-out air flow to test turbo chargers, EGR valves, EGR coolers and other exhaust components


  • Use of OEM industry-standard launch process


  • On-time Start of Production with use of dedicated project managers

Flawless Launch

  • Use of gate process to ensure highest quality launch
  • Management involvement in gate reviews assures adequate resource allocation


  • Single-digit PPM warranty for most of our products
  • In-house warranty center for analysis and quick feedback

Continuous Improvement

  • Continuous improvement program including all employees
  • Continuous improvement projects are handled via project management to ensure quality


  • Remanufacturing experience since 2006
  • Use of OEM-quality manufacturing and assembly processes
  • Assure OEM-like quality on all our parts

Reverse Engineering

  • Use of OEM new product engineering processes
  • Use of test and validation processes and tools like OEM/new parts
  • World-class metrology lab for all dimensional verification